Child of the Earth

For our summer collection we bring you 'Child Of The Earth', inspired by our travels to Indonesia and a slower, more simple life. Through our time in Indonesia our family has increased our connection to Mama Earth. We are more present, we live more simply. Our kids play outside all day, rolling coconuts on the beach in the warm indonesian sun. From swimming all day in clear blue waters to drinking from fresh coconuts and sharing simple family meals between the coconut trees and cacti, we are connecting to the inner child that lives in all of us.

The styles are designed to feel earthy with gorgeous prints inspired by Batik patterns, the beautiful elephants and Mother Nature. We have brought back some of our favourite shapes in brand new prints and every piece has its own beautiful story celebrating florals, colour, life and the earthiness of Indonesia.

We continue to work with our small sewing team in Indonesia so the slow, ethical practices we work for are woven into each piece. This collection brings the magic of summer with an earthy feel and the whimsical nature of our inner child. All of which you can find in abundance in Indonesia, the Mother Island for all the wildlings who dance free, for all the children of the earth.

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