The Magic Isle

For Spring we are taking you on a journey to 'The Magic Isle'. Inspired by the wonders of Tasmania, our collection explores the land and the sea and the beauty of a life lived in tune with nature.

Our travels through Tasmania provide the backdrop for these special pieces. As we journeyed through 'The Magic Isle' we glimpsed fields of wildflowers and we caught wild salmon. The days unfold slowly here. The clouds cling to mountains sending rainwater down into clear, babbling rivers mesmerising and fresh and everywhere the air is filled with the scents of fruit and wild earth charm.

You will find both classic Oak Meadow shapes as well as some new silhouettes and lots of new prints and exclusive hand painted designs. Here at Oak Meadow we work with artisans, and support slow fashion. Each and every piece holds it’s own magic, your own little slice of Tasmania to treasure for a lifetime.

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