Our story

The heartbeat behind Oak Meadow Kids was born out of a deep love for colour reminiscent of Mother Earth and all it’s beauty whilst combining ethical and sustainable practices for our people and our planet.

My name’s Madeleine Lee, Owner and heart behind Oak Meadow Kids. My amazing Husband and 2 precious boys Oakie (age 2.5) and Soli (1) along with our beautiful dog Django are currently all living in our home on wheels. We are travelling where the wind takes us and running our family business whilst raising our boys. 

The creative process behind the business began when I was pregnant with my firstborn son, Oakie. Awaiting my newborns arrival I was overwhelmingly inspired by colours reminiscent of Mother Earth and began experimenting through Tie Dye. Before I knew it my unborn Childs fresh new whites were almost all Tie dyed.

Out of practicality I began to to sell a few items on Instagram thinking someone in my circle might enjoy a piece. Within minutes the items were snapped up and I was inundated with special requests from friends wanting custom made pieces. From here my passion and fascination with colour transcended into what my business is today.

As Oak Meadow Kids grew so did my love for garments and expanding my creativity. Hand-Drawn textiles became a strong love and within these garments each of the designs reflect inspirations & stories from our adventures. I want people to feel the love behind each creation and also understand how each garment is handmade by sharing the process and also sharing the story.

We as a family take great pride in knowing that Oak Meadow Kids values what’s good for humanity and our environment minimizing our footprint on the earth while creating unique and beautiful clothing for little nature wanderers - it’s the lifeblood of my business and brings much joy!

With commitment to supporting a safe and nurturing environment for our production team and the implementation of ethical environmental practices, I am committed to keeping this a priority and the core of my business as Oak Meadow Kids moves into the future.

Follow our journey on the road to discover more of stunning Australia and let the inspiration overflow!

From our family to yours thank you.  xoxo