Bell flower top
Bell flower top

Bell flower top

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A blue flower stands for desire, love and inspiration. It is a flower that represents the metaphysical striving for the impossible and infinite.

Introducing our Bellflower Top, Our Bellflower was created to be a wardrobe staple through all four seasons, longevity of all garments being an important aspect of the Oak Meadow design process whilst we support the slow consumption movement that is so important to the future of this planet. Buttons at the chest will also allow for easy breastfeeding during these special life periods. 


The Bellflower is a relaxed, free-flow fit & is made from beautiful white, natural cotton viole. Less sheer than the Aubergine  due to a thicker cotton type. 
Our Bellflower design has been hand painted and printed onto our beautiful, natural fabric, a textile exclusive to Oak meadow. Light & lustful, I truly hope this is a piece you will treasure forever.

All Oak Meadow fabrics are sourced ethically and made in the purest of environments from cutting, pattern making, sewing & final hand touches. 
We have a high standard when it comes to production of our garments, and all stages involved in the making of the 'Bellflower Top' are approved, certified and witnessed first hand by myself. I have spent the last month and a half in Bali working side by side with our team of four to bring this beautiful and very special top to life.

Size guide:

Small: Size 6-8
Medium: 8-12
Large: 10-12/14