Earth Olive Overalls

Earth Olive Overalls

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We are so excited to welcome back our original “Tie-dye” tie up overalls. Oak Meadow's true spirit lies in our original favourite tie-dye style and it's been so nice to once again have my hands in buckets of dye creating these special pieces you've been asking for. 

Our Earth Olive tie up overalls are inspired by the incredible raw colour of Australia's Flora. We love creating these pieces inspired by our amazing natural environment, and to be able to use non-toxic dyes which do not leech harmful agents into our waterways and precious soils during the process. It's so important to us to produce a minimal environmental footprint during the production of all our garments and our tie-dye overalls embrace all of these core values.

Another important value at Oak Meadow is to create garments free from synthetic toxic dyes and setting agents, safe to be worn all day every day. There is nothing more important to us than creating garments completely safe for your little ones and the environment they enjoy. 

Size guide:

Our tie-dye overalls are not a tight fit, they are loose with space for growth. When you purchase our overalls we suggest buying the age of your child unless you want a firm fit we suggest sizing down. Our overalls are designed to last as long as possible with our ties that ensure you can loosen and tighten and roll up and down the legs. Our oak meadow overalls grow with your wildings making them the perfect piece to last. 

Wash guide:

Please hand, cold wash only and do not wash with other garments due to colour run may happen with certain detergents. We recommend using natural washing powder and do not soak. Our dyes are very gentle and natural and don’t contain dangerous toxins to secure the colour, we use natural methods so please treat them with care when washing. To prevent colour loss please wash gently and hang to dry in shaded areas.