Roll Coconuts Singlet
Roll Coconuts Singlet

Roll Coconuts Singlet

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The sun is warm, and the waves crash softly on the shoreline kissing the broken pieces of corals & shells that have been washed upon the shore. It’s so peaceful and the water is the clearest of blue hues we’ve seen. My children are happy, so happy, not a toy insight but some dried out coconuts. These coconuts have history, they have been in the seas and perhaps they have floated all the way from other uninhabited islands…My kids have picked them up and they are rolling them, rolling coconuts like balls, for hours they are happy from the joy of this little coconut.

Roll Coconuts features:

  • 100% certified cotton.
  • Hand painted textile & printed by hand.
  • Certified dyes that are safe from harsh toxins.
  • Colours that were inspired by coconuts, the brown shell & the white flesh on the inside.

Size guide:

Our singlets have been designed to be true to size and do allow some space for growing but if you prefer extra space we recommend sizing up for your wildling.

Wash guide:

Please hand wash our singlets as they are printed by hand and have not been treated with chemical sealing.